Monday, October 24, 2011

Flameware Collection

I have slowly but surely been expanding my Pyrex Flameware collection. It started a few months ago with a 1 1/2 qt saucepan:

I found a second one with it's lid for $2:

And finally, I found a 4 cup coffee pot at a Rummage sale for $2. I think the design of these is so beautiful.

The coffee brewed in the Pyrex is much stronger and tastes great, but it takes way longer than my French Press, so I save it for Sunday mornings when I'm not in a rush.

It may not be as bright and retro as my Primary or my Spring Blossom collections, but my Flameware is fast becoming one of my favorite kitchen tools.


  1. Not to rain on your parade but these are not saucepans per se. They are double boiler inserts.

    Now go and find the bottom piece!

    I love Flameware and it is so pratical. I'm glad to see you use them :)

  2. Nice collection! My Flameware collection consists of 2 American Hostess teapots, love them! I have come across a few coffee makers but they are always missing the innards.

    How do you make coffee in one of these? Do you use standard measures; how long do you let it perc?

  3. I love my 'tiny' 2 pieces of flameware collection. Hoping it will grow as the pieces are wonderful.

  4. I love my flameware and use it all the time - especially the double boiler, the teapot and the coffee pot (I use it without the insert to boil water for my chemex). Great pieces.