Monday, October 10, 2011

My shady thrift store

There is a super shady thrift store that I like to frequent. They have good prices and you have to dig, but I usually can find at least one skirt or dress that's in good condition, fits, and is super cheap. But they hardly EVER have decent housewares. I always check (just to be sure) but so far I've come up empty handed on the Pyrex side of life. However, my mom must just have better Pyrex luck than me. She brought this baby home for $1.50. It's in great condition on the outside but a little bit the worse for wear on the inside... but for $1.50, who cares? :)

You can't really tell from the picture, but it's a 404.


  1. So cute! I too, have a shady thrift store that is honestly my guilty pleasure. It is always great when I can find something awesome there!

  2. Nice! I love the round bowls, as opposed to the cinderella.

  3. I'm a pyrex fiend too. I have one bowl that was my grandmother's and several from our wedding 36 years ago. I still use them all, there's nothing out there that I like better.
    I used to have the complete dish set in the pattern shown in the photo above. I find it funny that someone thinks of it as a find, but at the same time I so understand. I have a hard time not buying more when I see them at yard sales or antique malls.
    I think I'm really going to enjoy this blog :o)

  4. Welcome to the blog! and and my soon to be brother in law's comment was "that looks like my cereal bowl". Apparently he used to eat out of the 401 bowl growing up.