Friday, October 28, 2011

Lonely Little Lids

There always seems to be a surplus of lonely lids at Goodwill. The last few visits have been a bust when it comes to finding any dishes, but there are clear lids galore.

Last week, I jumped with excitement when I saw a clear, round Daisy lid sitting on the shelf! But my excitement was short lived when I turned it over and saw that the top side was incredibly faded - so much so that I put it back down. I try to keep my collection (obsession?) in check by only buying minty pieces. But this little lid was calling to me so I went back and grabbed it; it was only 99 cents after all!

Because it's so faded on the "presentation side", I won't actually use it for serving food. But I did find a way to display it! Jump on over to my blog to see how I incorporated it into my new kitchen display.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a lid collector too! Usually just the clear class, not specific patterns, unless its a pattern I would want to collect. I figure one day I'll find a lidless dish to go with it. It has worked out for me in the past! I won't spend more than $1 on a lid, and they're often 25 or 50 cents at the obscure little thrift stores.