Monday, October 10, 2011

I need your Help friends!

Hello All!
My Girlfriend and I are about to kick off a campaign with our vintage loving friends we're calling...

"Put It In Pyrex"

This actually may become another blog of mine as we work on a Cook Book!  But we need to find a really Spiffy picture of lots and pyrex, maybe an old ad to use as a promotional picture! Rather than steal a picture from some one Im asking everyone out here on the collective if you have a FAVORITE picture that features lots of colorful Pyrex and/or Pretty food  that you wouldnt mind being a poster child then please email it to us at  and when we have a few choices to put a vintage Pyrex slogan on we'll reveal the winner!




  1. Wow! This is soooo exciting!! Can't wait to buy your book! It's the exact motivation I need to get moving on mine....

  2. oh I love pyrex so much... scored a cool piece at a thrift store last week for one dollar not in the best shape but a dollar I could not past that baby up!