Monday, October 24, 2011

Pink Pyrex... with the odd lid....

This used to be my standard "make a dip" and take it to a party Pyrex. It has this wonderful aluminum lid. And it is a Pyrex issued lid. Though my camera can not capture the imprint on the dang lid. 

The aluminum lid is marked on the inside:

Made in USA

Somehow this lovely covered dish ended up in the dishwasher of the Hostess.

I had used my dish to transport zesty dip in... for a friend's baby shower. Since the baby was to be a girl... and I wanted to use my pretty pink Pyrex. To add a little jazz to the table of food. Somehow my beautiful bowl ended up in the dishwasher after the Shower. And its pretty shiny pink color, came out dull.

Needless to say. I never used another piece of my pink Pyrex for any party... unless it is in my house.  :)  Where I can see what is in the dishwasher, before it's turned on. 

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  2. AWE! So cute.

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  3. How sad for your pink Pyrex, I have to admit to learning that lesson myself. I have my moms Cinderella bowls that she put in the dishwasher and so I did too. Now I lovingly hand wash each of my "new" collected pieces.

  4. I'm so sorry about your beautiful Pink Daisy dish! The pink finishes seem especially fragile. If you ever break your rule and take another dish to a party, stick a big piece of masking tape on the bottom and write "DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER!!!!" on it.

  5. That's sad :(

    It's amazing how the dishwasher just mangles the colour, isn't it? I found a pretty little daisy lid at Goodwill, and it looked fabulous....until I turned it over and the display side was faded beyond belief. I still bought it, haha.

  6. So sorry a bout what happened to your beautiful pink dish. What a cool lid it has! Thank you for following my blog. I am enjoying yours!

  7. So sorry to hear about the dishwasher damage. I have two aluminium lids that were sold with some of the sets. I believe that they were marketed mostly for freezer use (to be held on with freezer tape). I have improved the love of some red fridgies and a mixing bowl by coating it with vegetable oil and letting it set over night and washing it with soapy warm water the next day and the luster/depth of colour does improve but do not rub it when applying the oil as the paper towel gets a little coloured. I hope that this is helpful.

  8. Oh, NO! Is there a way to jazz it back up?
    Thank you for popping by my place!
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  9. What a shame! I'm so hard on my pyrex - I always put it in the dishwasher but (knock on wood) no worries yet. The only dishwasher trouble I've had with vintage pieces has been the gold coming off some drinking glasses. Oops.