Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Pyrex Thanksgiving

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada, as other posters have mentioned.

My boyfriend's mom bought me two great pieces, especially for fall. The two middle sizes of the orange Butterfly Gold cinderella mixing bowls! (No pictures, of the two, whoops).

But, I did use some Pyrex this weekend when I was cooking up some brocolli casserole. And one of those bowls makes an appearance.

The wee orange casserole was a $2 find at Goodwill a couple weeks ago. Some lady was carrying it around, and I was watching her like a hawk. I had convinced myself that she was also a collector for some reason. However, before I had a chance to make a fool of myself by striking up a conversation, she asked someone working there how much it was, and she balked and couldn't believe it was that much, so she put it down and left. AWESOME!

On Sunday, the boyfriend's mom and I went to an auction...and there I purchased my first piece of Butterprint for $3! There was a whack of other stuff in the box it came in, too.

It's lidless, but that's okay because there's always a surplus of lonely lids at Goodwill.

Happy Thursday!


  1. broccoli casserole is delicious... in Pyrex!

  2. Nice prices for nice pieces!!

  3. It really pays to watch people. Once I had a lady give me a Collins of Texas box purse that she'd had in her basket because I went wild over it when I saw it in there. It needed a few replacement stones, but it was less than $2!

  4. I served my Thanksgiving meal in pink pyrex. Mostly because I do not collect the oranges and golds -I had to set limits somewhere!
    Love the Butterprint -I collect it too.