Saturday, October 22, 2011

pyrex for grandma

So for many of us, Pyrex collecting reminds us of our 
mother's & grandmother's collections
My mom received Old Orchard for her wedding
and it is what I grew up with, but being brown, I never paid much attention
to it as a kid
and it wasn't until I became the full blown collector of pyrex
that I realized my grandma doesn't have a single piece of pyrex
So I asked her what mixing bowls she used to have,
just assuming she must have gotten rid of them along the way
She told me she NEVER had pyrex
when she got married they didn't receive too many wedding presents
and in her words they would have never been able to afford them at the time
Ok, so this made me really sad
Thinking of my adorable little grandma in her eighties
who never got a pretty set of pyrex to bake with
Well, I had to change that.
So for Christmas this year, my grandma is going to be 
getting her first set of pyrex.
Something she should have gotten at 24, not 84
but a wedding present sixty years late is better than never!
Knowing my grandma loves everything blue 
I knew her set also needed to be this hue
Cinderella Snowflake Blue Mixing bowls will be hers soon


  1. That is so sweet- I'm sure she will love it- and your thoughtfulness! :)

  2. That is just too sweet! I'm sure you'll make her christmas! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, this made me cry. You are so sweet :) I've received Pyrex that belonged to both of my grandmas, one great grandma and my husband's grandma, so it makes me sad your grandma didn't have the pleasure of having Pyrex when she was young. I'm sure you're grandma will absolutely love the Pyrex as well as the thought that went into it.

  4. What a beautiful gesture AND a great set of Pyrex for Grandma!

  5. thanks ladies - when I found the set at a thrift store I knew it was meant to be. unfortunately it was in their "boutique" section so going for etsy prices! however, I waited and checked back over the next two weeks, finally walked in on the 50% off day - done & done

  6. That is one of the nicest, sweetest thigns i've ever heard! I plan on giving our newlywed friends some pyrex for christmas. But you are hadns down a GEM of a granddaughter!