Monday, October 3, 2011

Promotional "Gourmet"?

I found a lidless casserole at Goodwill on Friday...I almost walked away without it because it's not on my "want" list, but then I remembered that it was 50% off day so back I went.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, the gold leaf is shiny and hard to photograph!

According to the Pyrex Love pattern reference, the pattern is called Gourmet. However, mine differs pretty significantly from the one pictured there.

Mine has no trace of blue delphite (bummer), and is yellow as opposed to being white. It's also filthy!

Another recent find worthy of noting was a lonely Terra lid (no picture, sorry!). I wonder where it's bottom is??


  1. That's a great casserole, I would have bought it for sure. You hardly ever find that kind of thing around here!

  2. I second Willow. I would have bought it for sure. All of these varieties are on my want list. : )

  3. What size is the Terra lid? I might have a casserole for you.

    write me