Sunday, March 6, 2011

Newbie pyrexic

Not only am I newb at collecting pyrex, but I'm also a newb at thrift store shopping. Forgive me... I'm young (ok...not that young). When I started thrifting about a month ago I happened upon these humble and understated beauties at separate stores. A white pyrex butter tub ($1) and three (two shown) white pyrex butter dishes without the lids (50 cents each). I thought they were too pretty to be passed up, especially for the price, and brought them home. Fascinated by the fact that they were made by pyrex, a brand I only knew to make clear glass dishes and science glassware, I looked them up online...boy, did I open up a can of worms! I started looking through all the vintage patterns and colors of pyrex I could find and realized my own mother had a set of yellow shenandoah bowls as well as some pink glass pyrex that my grandmother owned (pictured). Anyone know anything about the pink glass one?

These survived being transported from half way across the world, almost 20 years after we moved to America (they were waiting in storage and not forgotten after all those years!). Anyway, thus began my obsession collection of pyrex.

However, after a couple weeks of much effort and thrifting at various stores, I only came across one more piece of pyrex. One cup with the spring blossom pattern in green for $1.
I was pretty darn excited to find another piece of pyrex but getting frustrated that it was so hard to find!! Little did I know that at an upcoming monthly flea market I would totally hit the jackpot!! I'll share my finds tomorrow maybe with some prettier pictures since this post has become way too long already! Now I need to finish my set of spring blossom cups and find some lids to my three orphaned butter dishes!


  1. Love your little butter dishes!

  2. Can't wait to see what you found at the flea market!!!

  3. Wow, you've started off with a bang!! I, too, can't wait to see what you found at the flea market.