Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I went thrifting with one of my fabulous friends on Friday and look at what she bought me for my upcoming birthday!!  I was so excited, I squealed!  All of the bowls, except the yellow, look like they've never been used!  All of these exclamation points, can you sense I'm still excited about my new bowls :0)

While taking pictures of my new bowls, I thought I'd share the rest of my collection with you.  It's not large, but I'm working on it!  
I found this Ahmish bowl, in my favorite color - aqua, at one of my favorite thrift shops for $2.

The Americana bowl came from  my mom.  She was going to donate it and I freaked.  It was the "green bean" bowl when I was growing up.  The cup came from the free shelves at our local thrift.  Do you know the name of the pattern?
I know this beauty is not perfect (note the chipped edge on the right corner) but I love the red and the square shape to it.  It cost a whopping $1!
Mr. Garden Gnome was too quick and jumped into this picture of my Pyrex - England piece.  I don't think the dish has ever been used and am unsure of the pattern name, but I like the subtle beiges to the dish.

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  1. Congrats to be the first post on Pyrex II! (Besides the welcome, of course!) What a wonderful birthday present for you. I love your garden gnome, too. :)

  2. Yeah, first post. I will send people over ASAP. Terrific pictures and stories.

  3. Look at the condition of those bowls!! THAT is a good friend indeed. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday indeed! Pyrex is the best gift. You look off to a good start on your collection!

  5. Happy Birthday!! You've got a good collection started! And, what a nice friend to give you a primary bowl set, wow...I need friends like that!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I believe the cup is summer impressions (sunshine) pattern. Here is a list of the patterns on pyrex love: