Monday, March 28, 2011

New Here :)

Hello All!!! I'm new around these parts, and loving every minute of it! A dear blogger I follow, Jeni, kept sharing her amazing Pyrex collection. At first, I just thought, "oh, those are some neat pieces, but it's just Pyrex". Oh, was I wrong- after a few more posts, I thought, "Oh, those are some REALLY neat pieces, and they are Pyrex!" giggle, giggle! Thus, I began my quest... I love crafting and handmade, and living simply, so Pyrex fits right in!

I grew up in the deep South and how I wish I could still be there, hitting the flea markets every week! But alas, I am across the country, raising my sweet family, so I had to find some other options. Thrift stores were my first thought. (The area I live in has no Goodwill or SA - sad, huh?) But I have started visiting the local thrift stores (chains) each week, just in case. My first visit brought some luck--- my first Pyrex finds, a lovely butter dish (which I enjoy using every day at breakfast :) ) and a large Homestead fridgie. I paid $6 for both. They had a few other things, but in horrid condition, so I was smart enough to pass.

Then I found a set of gold bowls and more homestead rounds at an, um, let's say unique/scary, thrift store (very local- nowhere close to a chain store- HA). The gold bowls each have a tiny scratch or two and the two smaller gold bowls have faded some, but I loved the color they faded to, so I had to snag them. The larger Homestead had a lid, the smaller did not, but since I'm just beginning, that was ok with me. I paid $16 for all these pieces. That may be too much for some scratches on the gold, but I was just excited to find some mixing bowls, period (and I paid less than half of what they were marked). I will have to learn pricing better; it is a journey for me :).

My last find in two weeks, was my favorite. Driving down the street, I saw an estate sale. Turns out that a company does an estate sale every other weekend, and the man said, "There is ALWAYS Pyrex"- my new best Pyrex buddy! hehe! He took my email so he could get in touch- I'm crossing my fingers to find some things in good condition at decent prices! Anyway, at this sale, I found a milky white loaf dish, and I only paid $1!! Woo-hoo!

So this is where I begin- with hopefully, lots more to come :) I love hearing all the advice and stories on this blog- it helps in my search. I'm dreaming of pinks, blues, reds, yellows, and greens :) - all things happy! Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hello. Welcome :)
    Lovin' your new pyrex pieces.

  2. Welcome to the crazy world of looks like you've made a good start!!!

  3. You found some good pieces of Pyrex and some pretty good prices! Love the loaf pan, those are hard to find!

  4. Welcome Candice! You have found come pretty things. About your gold nesting bowls; I don't think they are faded. This pattern is a variation of Butterfly Gold and they were sold in sets with alternating colors; there is a darker one missing between the two lighter ones.
    Enjoy the hunt!

  5. Hunting for bargain Pyrex is fun!!! And - everything tastes better in Pyrex - happy thrifting!!

  6. Kathy,
    You just made my day :) Thanks- I didn't even realize this- I thought it had to alternate with a white bowl! I am even more excited now :)

  7. Hello Candice!! You've really started off collecting Pyrex with a bang!! Love your finds, especially those Butterfly Gold Cinderella bowls!! This Pyrex collecting gets crazy, but it's oh so much fun!!