Monday, March 28, 2011

First post for me!

Hullo fellow Pyrexians!

I love thrifting and retro, well made objects! Therefore I love Pyrex.

I just started collecting in November 2010, so my collection is small.
I did a post about my collection on Thursday, here is the link!
I look forward to reading all about your Pyrex finds and sharing my own here as well.

I've moved to a 160 acre farm and am starting a whole new lifestyle and following my dreams. It's pretty wonderful.

I'm blogging about all of that here. Come and visit.


  1. How awesome is that!! I love it :). How I would love to have a farm someday- good for you following your dreams! And I love your collection!

  2. You've got quite a good collection started! Good luck on finding lots more!! :)

  3. Welcome! You must be very busy. I look forward to seeing your treasures as you find them.

  4. nice collection! Good luck with your farm!