Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hopefully, this is the BEFORE shot. I need to rearrange and move some of my "treasures" around. My non pyrex friends are amazed with my "talent" of being able to site the name of the pattern and the year it was introduced. I had been looking for a cabinet to showcase my "wares" and discovered this curio at a yard sale. It has the great "tiger" striped wood. All of the shelves, glass, and hardware was in pristine shape. The lady did not want it because it was "old". It was a steal for me and looks GREAT in my living room. Why not? I enjoy getting to see my favorite pieces each day. Plus, it is a conversation starter, for sure! 

Questions- How do you arrange your Pyrex? Does anyone else have it in the living area like me?


  1. I'm moving soon, and my new kitchen is pretty tiny - which means my china cabinet will be in the living room showing off my Pyrex. I think it'll work out great, haha! Great collection!

  2. I love your cabinet. Being old makes it all the better!

  3. I have the Ikea Expedit bookcase, and I have the 2 x 4 cube one turned on its side as a TV stand. I display my favorite Pyrex pieces in the cubes below!

  4. I have Pyrex everywhere in my house! Some in the hall, living room,bathroom and even bedrooms!

    Pyrex is not only usefull but beautiful too :)

  5. I have had to put my Pyrex in the living room too and it looks real good, I think. I get away with it by grouping them by color and then changing the display for each season - ex. pink in spring, orange/yellow in summer, brown in fall, red/green in December. That's in a 50's china cabinet. On my huge metal wine rack I have my turquoise/blue and keep it there year round. The green is in the dining room. I find color helps keep things looking organized....

  6. LOL - I totally love amazing my friends with the same "talent". They also get amazed at how I can tell them whether it's Fire King, Pyrex, Glasbake, Federal, Hazel Atlas before even picking it up.

    I put my Pyrex in a green Billy Ikea bookcase, it's in my living room. Pyrex is also displayed on the shelves on top of the kitchen & a smaller display case in the living room. But there is tons of Pyrex all over the place.

    And it's definitely a conversation starter - I love having my collection looked at when people come in!

    Sir Thrift-A-Lot