Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Victory! The Green Dot is Finally Mine!

I am really late in sharing this news but it doesn't at all reflect on how happy I am to have this complete set.

My wonderful hubby bought the green dot bowl off ebay for me. He probably paid much more than I would have but he said it was worth it.

My happy collection!

My primary sets are together now
I still have plenty of items on my wishlist but every time I am in my kitchen, looking at these sets make me so happy.
Vintage Vault


  1. You lucky, lucky woman!! They are beautiful, and looking at entire set would make me happy too! I still need the green, and orange.

  2. That's so awesome!! I'm jealous.

  3. YEAH! Congrats - that is the one piece I am SO needing in my life :)

  4. Congrats! I am still looking for it.

  5. What a cheerful and colorful collection. What do you use between the bowls to "lift" each bowl?


  6. HEEHAW! Oh joy of bliss!

    Oh How I would love to get my litte sausage fingers on that one!

    I've seen it often but always way too expensive.


  7. Lovely! I only have the green one; we almost never come across these! Last week we saw an orange one but the dots were faded and dull so we left it behind.
    You are so lucky to have them all!

  8. You are sure lucky - I don't have not even one dots bowl!!!

  9. Me too! I got my green dot over the summer and I still haven't taken pictures. I was so lucky to find it for $12 I think, at one of my favorite stores.

    Also, Sharon: I will have two orange dot bowls for sale on my etsy site sometime soon.

  10. Thanks everyone!
    Danielle - I used custard bowls that I pick up thrifting to lift the bowls up.

    I have an orange bowl for trade on my Flickr.