Wednesday, November 23, 2011

new finds & happy holidays!

I found this first little Dandelion Duet Promotional while thrifting.  Typically this particular store always charges SO much for Pyrex, but not this little guy.  It had some orangish spots, that happened to come off without any effort, but I guess they didn't think they would.  
I picked it up - with the wrong lid - for $2.  
The next little guy I found at an antique mall but just couldn't pass it up for $5, because, seriously, it is SO small & SO cute!  The salt shaker isn't new, just there for sizing purposes!  I did however thrift it a while back for .49 cents, and yes, I do have the pepper shaker too!
My obsession started with Spring Blossom when I was about 18.  I've always loved green, so green Pyrex is no exception!  I picked up these verde fridges IN THE BOX!  I am so in love.  In fact, I re-arranged the WHOLE pyrex display to get all my green lovin' together on one shelf.  I'll have to take some "group" shots soon!
Now this last casserole is not new, but I couldn't pass up the chance to take a shot of it by the Christmas tree, yes, I do decorate on the retail schedule.  So pretty and ready to be used this holiday season.
So there you go - new little treasures for me!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


  1. You've got two patterns that I'm craving: the dandelions and the pinecone one!! Lucky!

  2. I'd love to find the pinecone too!!

  3. You found some beautiful pieces and I love that you took your pics in front of your tree...they look magical. :)

    --Erin {}