Sunday, November 20, 2011

That's What I Love About Sundays

Thrifting with friends, that is!

Well, that's not entirely true. We went to the local antique store, and I bought Pyrex, which I normally only buy at Goodwill. I was pleasantly surprised with the prices, although they were still a lot more than I'd like to pay. But I bought them anyway.

unmarked graduated pyrex bowl red

Although this is in junky shape, I bought it because it has measurements on the inside! I've never seen a bowl like this before. The bottom is unmarked.

pyrex graduated mixing bowl

The measurements were IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture of - hence the terrible quality of this picture. I paid $7.

blue fridgie delphite fridgie pyrex

The blue lidless fridgie was $10 - a lot, I know, but I was in a Pyrex groove, haha. I paid $16 for the wee delphite fridgie. It's so cute and I love how the lid is the same colour as the dish. According to Pyrex Love, it's on the rare side! $16 well spent. It's also stamped "Made in Canada" on the bottom.

delphite pyrex refridgerater dish

And finally, my first big bowl. A 444 Town and Country. It was $15...I never find anything bigger than a 402 or 442 at Goodwill so I figured it was worth it!

444 cinderella mixing bowl town and country pyrex

I left behind quite a bit, because none of it was really on my "want right now!" list. Except for a primary mixing bowl "set". It wasn't a true set, but consisted of a minty yellow 404, faded green 403, sorta scratched blue 402, and a yellow 401. The whole set was $35...if I could have had them individually I would have been all over the 404! There was also a 1 1/2 qt oval Snowflake casserole, but it was priced at $ big 2 1/2 qt Horizon oval casserole was only $25 so I couldn't justify it. 

Did anyone else have a Pyrex weekend?


  1. I also found a bowl with the inside measurements on it a few months ago, only it was green. After posting on Flickr and asking for help to identify it - the concensus was that it's made by Glasbake. It's a cute little bowl!

  2. I also found some pyrex I bought a blue lidless fridgie like your but only paid $2 its on my blog

  3. Oh darn. Thanks for the info, Jill.

    Good find, Becky.