Thursday, November 24, 2011

How the addiction began...

Hello, Pyrex people!

This is my first-ever blog post.

Two months ago, I was not a Pyrex addict. I had always been fond of my one set of Pyrex bowls, which I had purchased in the late 1970s. Sadly, a few years ago, I broke the large green bowl (it was the avocado green/yellow/orange/blue set).

When my husband complained how he missed the green bowl, it occurred to me that I might find a replacement in a thrift shop, so I started checking out the local ones.

Then one day last September, I found....

... which you will all recognize. I almost didn't buy them from the Salvation Army for the $13.00 they wanted, as it wasn't "THE big green bowl"... but then I did.

I figured that they were older than my 1970s set, and out of curiosity I started researching them on the internet.
So I learned that not only were these the iconic early primary Pyrex bowls, but that they were probably some of the earliest, as they were thicker, and they lack the 401-404 numbering (although you may not be able to tell from this pic.... sorry).

Was it beginner's luck? Fate?
I then kept reading websites: Pyrex Love, Corelle Corner, the Pyrex Collective Blogs, and looking at the lovely pictures.... and to quote Shakespeare:

"Even so quickly may one catch the plague?" [Twelfth Night]

And now I am haunting the local thrifts, and filling the closet in my spare bedroom with PYREX!

Here are a couple of my best finds so far. I was glad to learn from The Vintage's post "My yellow summer loves" that this Gourmet does date back to 1961, as it's not listed in Barbara Mauzy's book, nor on Pyrex Love. I wondered if Pyrex had recycled the pattern in this yellow/gold leaf combo at a later date. It's nice to think of it finding a new home (mine) 50 years after being first received as a Christmas gift.
I found it at Goodwill, uglified with a scratched-up Daisy lid.

This cute little 080 personal casserole was MADE IN CANADA (which is where I am). Most
pics of these are in lime or flamingo, so it is nice to see it in turquoise. It is posing with the Barbed Wire dish so that you can see its size.

Sorry to be so long-winded; thanks for reading!


  1. Wee, another Canadian! I have that same Gourmet casserole, I picked it up from Goodwill for $3!

  2. Hello from another Canadian Pyex fan - I've been collecting for just a year - I'm addicted now!!! You found some nice pieces!!

  3. Thanks to both of you!
    Ashley, did yours come with the regular clear lid? Or a patterned one?
    My Goodwill charged me $5.00, but of course I got the Daisy lid :-( .

  4. Um, wow-the primary set for $13? That's probably the best score I've ever heard of at a thrift store! Good for you!!!!

  5. The primary set for $13 was probably the greatest Pyrex deal of the century!! Great finds! Pyrex collecting is so addictive!!

  6. Shakespeare and Pyrex! Two of my favourite things! (never thought I'd see them together in a blog post)