Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Primary Prints

Happy Thanksgiving!
This post is un-related to American Turkey Day.

I have seen a few people make prints of Pyrex art and sell them on etsy. They are super cute. I wouldn't mind purchasing them, but I work in Adobe Illustrator all the time, and I am on a 'use what you have' kick, so I decided to make my own.

I have some painted tin frames that had pictures of non-pyrex (GASP!) bowls in them hanging right by my pyrex collection. I have been eyeing them as an opportunity for re-inventing my decor for a while.
This week I finally designed and printed my own!

It gave me an opportunity to move around some of my collection to showcase the prints.....

On the wall by the collection


Refrigerator Dishes

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  1. Don't worry, many of us celebrate turkey day but aren't totally consumed by it! :) Those prints are super, super cute! Love them! Thanks for posting.