Sunday, November 27, 2011

More random yellow Pyrex... and some Shakers!

A week or so back I came across the Pyrex cake pan. In that charmingly odd lemon lime shade of yellow. I was so thrilled to have found it. It is my first cake size round pan.

Now I did locate it at a somewhat sketchy looking Thrift store in Dallas. The kind of store that you hope your vehicle is still in the parking lot when you leave. haha! But I do love those independent thrift stores.

Next I purchased the set of blue Old Town shakers. They are in nice shape and were cheap. 

And finally this past weekend I purchased the square shaped Pyrex cooking dish. Again in that odd lemon lime shade of yellow. It looks like it was never used. The paint finish is still bright and chip free.


  1. I recently picked up the lime loaf pan & oblong baking dish--love that color!

  2. I really like the shade of this crazy yellow too!

  3. I found a lime cake pan this week - that brings me up to four different lime pieces!!! I like it!!!