Thursday, November 3, 2011

'Tis the Season!

A few days ago my husband and I were driving along when we noticed a brand new Goodwill in our area. Though the shop looked busy and I didn't expect much since it was brand new, my husband suggested we stop in and look around. I'll never turn down an opportunity to thrift, so in we went. We each grabbed our own cart, with the 3-year-old in his, the 8 month old in mine, and parted ways to look around. 

Of course, I always head straight for the kitchen section and look for any signs of Pyrex. But the aisles were crowded and upon first glance around the dishes I saw no Pyrex. But when I finally managed to wedge my way into the aisle I spotted what looked like a brown Americana 404 on the top shelf. 

So I made my way over and pulled it down, inside the brown 404 I found the whole set!

 And in near-mint condition, too!
This isn't my favorite style/pattern but I will say it's perfect for this time of year, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, is it not?
My collection has grown so out of control that I'm tempted to sell or trade it, but I also really want to use it for Thanksgiving, too. Hmmm.... what to do, what to do...

Anyway, I placed the set in my cart and noticed my husband strolling toward me. His jacket was covering up something in his cart, I could tell. Then he said, "You're going to love what I just found!" Then he lifted his jacket...

Apparently in another aisle {not kitchenware at all!} he found this:
 What Pyrex Love calls "Wicker". I love the color & pattern!
 And he also had found THIS:
The charcoal Snowflake pattern just also happens to be my husband's favorite Pyrex. So we were both happy thrifters that day.

I keep saying how I'd kill for some Christmas Pyrex! But I'm forgetting I do have a lovely {and growing!} Snowflake collection already:
So now I have some Thanksgiving & Christmas Pyrex, 
all thanks to the brand new Goodwill!

Another recent find I'm excited to share with you:

 A full set of pink mixing bowls. Be still my heart. 

 I haven't even cleaned this 2qt Desert Dawn casserole yet, but that's because it's my second one. I would love to do a trade if anyone is interested! It needs to be cleaned but it's in pretty shiny condition other than that!

Let me know if you're interested and what pieces you have to offer!

Thanks for looking :)

Happy Holidays,


  1. I would love to buy the Americana set from you when you are done....

    Shane, mom of twin boys Alex and Sam

  2. I am usually a bright color girl, but I am a fool for he Americana set. I would buy it from you in a minute. I never seem to find it around.Love it!

  3. Oh I love the Desert dawn piece:)Elma

  4. what a great family outing!! Great finds!

  5. Wow, score! I have the lid to the wicker and the smallest of the Americana set and that's it. I never see them around.

  6. The white rims on the Americana bowls always make me think they have a little layer of snow on top. Perfect for fall/winter!

  7. What a great Pyrex haul! I can't believe your husband thrifts with you. I have to hide my stuff from my hubby- LOL!

  8. Great finds...especially those Americana bowls!! I would love to find an affordable set like those!

  9. fabulous finds! I'm missing the brown americana! i need it to complete my set too :) great shopping! im glad your husband likes it. my fiancee ignores my addiction. :)