Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thrifted Butterfly Gold!

Let me begin this post by saying that all you fellow Pyrex Collective contributors seem to be continuously finding amazing pieces at thrift stores for excellent prices. I'm so jealous! I live in Boone, NC. It's a small college town with a grand total of two small thrift stores. I check them regularly but almost never find anything good. I always end up paying antique mall prices for my Pyrex pieces. However... I have finally had some SUCCESS!!!

In the past two weeks I have found two fabulous pieces for a grand total of $5.00! I'm way too excited and I know it's not that exciting for you guys but I just had to share...

The Butterfly Gold is such a useful size! I made berry crisp in it last week and it was extra delicious since it was in a new piece of Pyrex :)

I know it's not Pyrex but I'm hoping you can still appreciate my Fire King find! It was rather disgusting but a little Bar Keepers Friend and scrubbing and it was as good as new! You can see it with its fellow thrifted Candle Glow friends here.

In other news... Husband was just offered a job at Vanderbilt University! It is a really exciting move for us! We are moving next month and I'm so excited about the antiquing/thrifting prospects. I have not added much to my Pyrex collection lately and I can't wait to move to Nashville and have so many more Pyrex possibilities! Do any of you fellow Pyrexaholics live in Nashville, TN?


  1. I've been looking for a square dish like that for a while! I have a big collection now - but ZERO of those square dishes. Nice finds! I've always liked that candle pattern, too. It's dainty and pretty.

    Congrats to your husband! How exciting.

  2. I have that same Fire King pattern and love it! Congrats on the job and move! :)

  3. Hi! I live in Nashville and collect Pyrex, along with a friend. We are obsessed, to say the least. We haven't been collecting very long and are always looking to add new pieces!