Saturday, September 1, 2012

Canada & Clowns

Wow, it's been a whole week since anyone posted! Are you all in a drought, too? {Although usually someone posts right after I do :-P it happens every time.} Yeah, not much Pyrex finding going on around these parts, but I do have a couple goodies to show you today.

I was lucky enough to score this gorgeous Canadian delphite fridgie on Etsy last week! I was so excited to find it, I snatched it right up. And could you blame me? It was only $8 and a handful of change.
Pyrex Delphite Fridgie 
It didn't come with the lid, but I had an extra lying around. Well shoot, don't they make the perfect match?
Delphite Fridgie 
This is my very first Canadian Pyrex find! I hope to score more. Any Canadians out there want to trade some Pyrex with me? Because I'd love to finish this set. I just LOVE the color of the delphite Pyrex.
Canadian Delphite Fridgie 
Then, today I happened upon this charming children's set by Pyrex at a local street fair/flea market, featuring clowns and a circus pattern.
Pyrex Circus plate & bowl 
$8 for both! Again, I couldn't help myself. It had to come home with me.
Pyrex Children's Plate & Bowl 
Though I don't think I'm brave enough to ever let my kids eat off of it, it is still a really fun addition to my collection!
Pyrex Children's Circus Plate & Bowl

Everyone have a safe Labor Day weekend!

Heather @ Lark & Lola


  1. The clowns are so different, I've never seen them before. Nice find!

  2. Now you only need the clown cup!

    As for the Delphite you would need another 501 and the 502. Pyrex Canada never produced the 503.

    You also need to find some Delphite lids.

    I'll keep an eye out for you. Too bad the last 502 I found is going to Texas as part of a giveaway.

  3. Too bad you didn't post sooner! I was just at an antique market & they had one for $9 (i think) with the lid, but the lid had a few chips. I've 4 of them already (2 with the Delphite lids, 1 without a lid & 1 with the clear lid), just looking for the 502, so I passed.

    I am trading some Delphite sherbet cups, if you are interested. You can see a pic on the pyrex collective 1.

  4. I just found a clown bowl for $18. Is it worth it for just the bowl?