Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ta Dah!

Back in February, I wrote a blog post that showed everyone my turquoise Cosco cart holding all my pink and turquoise Pyrex.
Ring any bells?  Anyway, since then my collection has grown substantially to say the least.
And yes, somehow I managed to fit all this on that little cart.  So it's a good thing that I found an awesome 1940's cabinet at an estate sale the other day.

Not only does it all fit perfectly, there is ROOM FOR MORE!!! 

Just thought I'd share a little eye candy with you this lovely August weekend.  Head over to our blog if you want to hear and see more.

Until next time....



  1. LOVE that cabinet! And your collection! ;)

  2. That cabinet is so perfect! I'm on the hunt for something similar. Glad to know that that style looks so great with Pyrex.

    Love your collection! I also collect turquoise Pyrex; I love the way it looks with the pink!

  3. LOVE IT!

    I actually own some of that pink pyrex and am looking to sell it if you're interested ;)

    You can contact me at

  4. I love the new cabinet! Your collection looks great :)

  5. I wish I could find a cabinet like that!!!


  6. You have some wonderful pieces! THe new cabinet is great!

  7. Love the cabinet - it's a perfect place for the Pyrex!!

  8. Eye candy indeed!! Tell us...just how much fun is it to cook with that adorable pyrex? Too cute...and the cabnet ~ we agree that the best part is that it will hold more :) THAT is always a bonus for an advid collector isn't it?!!

  9. I wish I could find a cabinet like that! nice posting I like your blog I like it.
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  10. Oh my goodness, there are no words for how pretty this is! What a great collection!

  11. Oh my! This is AWESOME! I just love it! Where did you ever find an awesome cart like that? And that cabinet is awesome. I love the pink and blue together so pretty!