Sunday, July 15, 2012


I have been so fortunate lately to come into some very nice, hard-to-find pieces! Thanks to a couple friends and some lucky finds--my collection is growing more unique all the time. 

I picked up the Balloons 444 today off of Craigslist. I paid $20, which is usually very high price for me to pay for Pyrex. But this one was on my must-finds list, so I was willing to pay a little more than usual. It has a few scratches, but is in generally lovely condition. 
Balloons Promotional 444!
My orange Butterprint collection grows! I only need two more bowls. I had the 443 thanks to one friend, and another friend gave me the 444. So sweet!
Orange Butterprint 444 & 443
My Gooseberry pink sets are now complete, too. I was delighted to find the 443 & 444 sitting on a shelf at Goodwill {or Gougewill, as I like to call it...} and they were the exact pieces I need for this set:
Gooseberry Pink
Meanwhile, my friend also found the 502 fridgie for me, which complete my fridgie set. Joy!
Gooseberry Fridgies--complete!
I have the best friends in the world. 
Because one also gave me this:
Starburst Space Saver!!!
I have lusted after the Starburst space saver for FOR.EV.ER!
It's minty, too:
MINTY Starburst

I have to say, I honestly feel sort of spoiled right now. Almost like I've been naughty, getting so many awesome pieces lately. I have Pyrex guilt!

Those of you who enjoy all sorts of thrifty finds {including jadite, Cathrineholm, Westmoreland, etc} might enjoy my complete post of thrifty finds here: a brand new post on my recent thrifted finds at Lark & Lola. 

Cheers & have a great week!
Heather @ Lark & Lola


  1. Oh my! I am so jealous right now! Balloons AND Orange Butterprint AND Starburst. Swoon!

  2. Orange butterprint & starburst?! Lovely!

  3. Oh i just love those Balloons and the orange and the starbust!!!

  4. Thanks! Too bad these pieces aren't more common, huh? But they can be found! I never though I'd get my hands on orange Butterprint.

  5. Beautiful pieces! You have great friends!

  6. Heather, You have the best sets of pyrex ever., I am amazed at how much you have. I had no idea they came in such designs and colors. Wow. Smiles, Susie

  7. Wow! I am in love with that blue! The peachy pinks are amazing too. I love these :)

  8. You need a like button :) Your new sets are great!