Friday, July 20, 2012

Crazy Good Scores!

Walking into an unadvertised estate sale (my favorite kind), I spotted the telltale pattern of my beloved Pink Gooseberry in the refrigerator set.  This set is one that I had been coveting forever and had yet to see the whole set in person.  I had even come this close to buying it online after having one (or a few) vodka soda's.   But even in my semi-inebriated state couldn't bring myself to pay the inflated shipping cost. 

After shoving my unsuspecting daughter out of the way (sorry, Maddy), I swooped in and grabbed every single piece, not daring to stop to check out the prices until I was safely away from other shoppers.   Who knows what may have happened had someone tried to take it away from me?  But really, would the prices have mattered?  Probably not.

Well, the set was complete and each piece with the lid was individually priced.  Are you ready for this, dear readers?

(2) 501's with lids-$1.50 each
(1) 502 with lid-$2.50
(1) 503 with lid-$3.50

For those of you who don't want to do the math on a Friday night after a long week, THAT'S $7.50 FOR THE WHOLE SET!!!!  (sorry to shout but you can understand how excited I am). 

Did I happen to mention that I am pretty sure that they were never used?

Oh, and if that wasn't enough to cause me to experience a serious case of Pyrex swoon, how about these too

An entire set of Butterprint for $5.00.  Also minty.  Also all mine.  Duplicates for me but who cares?

I highly doubt this will ever happen again but this score will hold me over for a lifetime.

Good luck this weekend, Pyrex hunters!


P.S., please tell me that I am not the only one who surfs the internet for Pyrex while slightly intoxicated. 


  1. Oh man, I am sooo jealous right now! :-)

    But seriously, good job!

  2. Very nice! What a great find :)

    And, ahem...guilty. Yes, I do search for Pyrex in the evenings while enjoying wine...and have woken up the next morning to find that I purchased some. Heheh...

  3. Lucky you! I so happy for you... and no... I have never known the joys of online searches for Pyrex... sounds like a lot of fun though. Enjoy!

  4. Erica, You crack me up! And amazing finds! Wow. And to get them at that price....icing on the cake(made in Pyrex of course.

  5. Great finds! And, isn't that the only way to shop for Pyrex online?

  6. AHHHH! I'm happy for you! Jealous, but happy for you! haha. I don't buy Pyrex online when I've had a drink, but I've done it when I'm crabby and feeling sorry for myself! LOL Like somehow I'm entitled to a little piece of happiness in that moment! LOL Whatever!
    Erica :)

  7. Been there done that (still do) and bought the Pyrex !


  8. Bahahaha. I have definitely drunk Pyrexed before. I only bought rare pieces I'd been coveting forever, though! And a few times I lost on ebay (luckily!)

    High five on these finds!!

  9. Great score! Now I want to go look for estate sales.

  10. Last fall we were traveling through Maine and I have agonized over a gooseberry fridgie set that I saw, every time I see someone with it, I think of that set I left behind. I guess I thought I had already bought enough, it was about $20, it wasn't a smart thing to do!!

  11. What a great find, you must have been giddy! I am totally guilty of having a few vodka tonics, and doing the pyrex shopping. Why do the shipping fees seem more reasonable after a few cocktails??