Sunday, July 8, 2012

Early Summer Harvest

I haven't posted a lot of my findings lately, so I figured it was time to bring the bevy into the house from my temporary holding place in the garage and find a home for them.
I will start off with a few things I have found at various places.

First, I found the spring blossom butter dish with the lid along with three mugs (and a few glasses!) at the goodwill a few months.

And I also found a few of my first oval casserole dishes,

One of my favorites is the blue tulip!
And I love the mod kitchen dish! I thought it would be more creamy, but it seems really white to me. I got it at a flea market.
I got the turquoise snowflake at a shop near my work. I am not a big turquoise fan, so when I do some downsizing this will probably go.
And on to another style that I haven't really collected much of, the normal mixing bowl shape. Before last month I only had the primary set, and now I have a few to show! The colonial mist set is lovely. I wasn't planning on buying it, but the shop owner was great and it was in good condition. I paid more than I would have liked though.

But I lucked out and found a set of woodland mixing bowls for a steal at a local flea market/antique mall.

And my most exciting purchase is this Blue Americana set. OMG! I love it. I paid 10 dollars a bowl for this, but I didn't care. Plus, I saw at least two ebay auctions that were selling only one of the bowls for 30+ dollars.

I also found a trailing flowers and homestead casserole dish, along with some gemco salt and pepper shakers that I might post about later on. So far, the harvest has been great, but it is time for me to curb my obsession a bit. I don't have any room to display these items, so I really should wait until I have a bigger hutch or a corner cabinet or something before I get anything else.

It has been SOOOO hot in Indiana. We are looking to some cooler weather this week. Woohoo! Bring on the 80s!


  1. awesome finds! i've been so discouraged with what i do and do not find...that i haven't looked for probably a month. i need to get out there again!

  2. Interesting, I have the Mod Kitchen casserole, too--mine is definitely more yellowish than yours. Perhaps they produced a couple variances?

  3. Such great buys...guess I better be visiting Terre haute when I come home.

  4. The tulip dish came from my vacation in Florida. Everything else came from Nashville, Edinburgh, Bloomington and Mooresville! :)

  5. I'm in love with your whiter Mod Kitchen!

  6. The one with the snow flakes is just so cute, but ofcourse I would think that since it is my favorite color! You got lots of great finds!

  7. I love the tulip, that is such a beautiful design!

  8. i love turqoise especially with the snowflake. when you get rid of them you should give them to me haha :)

  9. The Mod is def supposed to be yellow. Weird?