Monday, July 23, 2012

25 cents? Yeah, Son!

Good Morning,

I have been keeping my little find a secret for a while.  Is it that I'm feeling guilty?  Well maybe, or just really, really lucky.  While visiting my Sister about a month back, we hit some garage sales (of course.) At a tiny sale with about nothing, I spied this beauty on the 25 cent table:
Now, pink is normally my Sister's color, but she recently completed her pink mixing bowl set.  I was pretty excited and talked about selling it initially, but I've suddenly grown quite attached to this little beauty.  Plus, I don't think I've ever seen pink out in the wild, so this was a special find.  Did I mention, at this same sale they had Spring Blossom marked for $4?  Someone didn't know the gem they had I guess!  

Until Next Time!
~Thrifter Sister Hanna


  1. Oh. So. Jealous!!!!!! ;-))

  2. Oh.. I envy you! I found one for $.25 at a flea market. Loved it until my hubby dropped it on our tile floor! Why couldn't it have been one of my yellows

  3. OMG! That beats my personal best of 48 cents. :)