Friday, July 20, 2012

completing sets takes time

as all of you know, completing sets doesn't always happen overnight
some days I've gotten so lucky
and other times, it takes months to find that needed piece
well today, I completed two of my sets
I've needed the 402 Daisy since last black friday
when I picked up the other three bowls for only $5 at the Goodwill
and I think it has been even longer that I have needed
 the little 401 Butterfly Gold
I'm sure I have seen this bowl in my outings, 
I just think it was a piece I always forgot I needed
So today I decided that it was the day to bite the bullet
and stop searching for these guys while thrifting
and I got both pieces for under $10 at the local antique mall
all in all, I'm happy with these finds
and with the way some of my local thrift stores 
have been gouging their prices on pyrex
I'm thinking it wasn't too bad to get these sets done!

also, this week the husband and I celebrated four years of married life
the best way we know how - antiquing
and because he truly is awesome
he found me this piece, again, for super cheap
if you want to see the rest of our finds feel free to stop by here

1 comment:

  1. fantastic finds! I am trying to complete the Daisy set too.