Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I posted anything.  I've pretty much become very selective in what Pyrex I purchase.  Yes... I have even passed up Pyrex in thrift shops.  (I hear those gasps out there! lol) It's true.  A few really nice pieces, but I already own them or duplicates of them and honestly, I'm really trying to cut back.  Even after a recent purge, which I sold most everything in the purge boxes (6 apple boxes!), I was asked by my sister-in-law how many pieces of Pyrex do I own.  Well... how many?  I lost count after 135 pieces. (not counting the lids that go with.. I just counted those full pieces as one).  Can we say... addicted!

Today, not expecting to find much while out thrifting because lately everything looks like it's been scrubbed with sand paper, I came across this beauty in wonderful condition for a low price of $1.99!  woohoo!

A few weeks ago I also had luck when I found three hard to find pieces in one afternoon.. and for great deals too!  

Tiny Pink Flamingo - $4

Striped Bowls - $2 and $4

Last year I found a solid wood hand made hutch that was hideous looking at the thrift shop for $30.  My husband and I finally stripped it all down, painted it retro 50's blue and white and replaced the knobs.  It now sits in my kitchen with "a few" of my Pyrex pieces and some of my vintage kitchen items.


  1. I just found this Friendship bowl, too! Highfive! And I loveee the stripes - and that hutch!

  2. What great finds! I really love your hutch, you did a wonderful job refinishing it.

  3. I love the hutch!


  4. I am loving the finds and that incredible hutch - great! Those striped bowls are gorgeous :)

  5. Oh my gosh! I'm refinishing a thrifted hutch in almost the same colors but opposite. The hutch is white and the back is aqua.

  6. Thanks guys! I got a deal on the paint as well. Home Depot was closing out their Martha Stewart paints for $4 a quart. So "sunken pool" and "milk glass" were my color choices. Between the paint, knobs, and the hutch... I am into the whole project about $60. I still need to wax the drawers. They like to stick, so it's kind of a pain getting into them. My cookie jars are almost full of vintage cookie cutters, still on the hunt down for a few more too.