Monday, November 5, 2012

It's Been Awhile

So although I have been picking up pieces here and there, having the time to blog about them the second I get home is a completely different story.  Life just gets crazy and keeping up on my personal blog can be hard enough.  I have been doing really good at taking pictures of the things I  bring home but sharing them with all of you?  Not so much.  So, no more excuses.  It is not fair of my to deprive you all of the beautiful eye candy that we all know as Pyrex. 

So here you go...

I splurged and bought myself this Scroll Cinderella bowl while on our annual girls trip in Bellingham, WA.  Sometimes it can be hard to buck up and pay antique mall prices but sometimes you just have to.  The odds of finding those more rare pieces in the thrift stores can be pretty bad.  And lets face it, if you do find them they may be priced like antique mall pieces.
I got this 024 Red Pine Cone bowl from my wonderful sister.  I now have 3 pieces of Christmas Pyrex.  I can't wait to use them.
I brought back this Rainbow Stripe 401 from Las Vegas when we went in August.  I bought it in an antique mall for $7.  How unheard of is that price?
This Horizon Blue refrigerator set is probably my best deal that I have found in quite a while.  When I first saw it in the antique mall booth, I didn't think anything of it.  The big dish was behind something else so I thought it was a Butterprint set (which I already have).  Then I got to thinking that the Butterprint set doesn't come with blue 501's & 502.  So I went back to it and realized it was a Horizon Blue set.  I was super excited because I had been watching the set on eBay for quite a while but of course couldn't ever find a good enough deal.  The best part?  The entire booth was 30%.  The seller had each piece priced individually and when all was said and done, I paid $13.00 for the entire set! 

I still have more photos in the Pyrex folder on my computer so stay tuned Pyrex Buddies!

Until next time...



  1. ohhh......the colours are gorgeous!

  2. Three pieces of Christmas Pyrex - LUCKY!! I have one which I also bought on a trip away at an antique mall.

  3. I am so jealous of American pyrex!

  4. Your Pyrex senses told you to go back for the Blue Horizon! Isn't that awesome when that happens?! Those prices are great!

  5. I just love Pyrex! The colors and designs are beautiful.

  6. I too have alwyas wanted a "scroll bowl" in turquoise! and I just LOVE The red and white "holiday Pinecone" piece (we use it for mashed potatoes.)Gah now you have me going, and I cant wait to get my "Christmas Pyrex" out!