Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Completed Set!

Hi everyone, Erica from Pyrex Thrifter Sisters here!

I haven't been having too much luck with Pyrex at the thrifts around here.  It's not due to a lack of Pyrex (thank goodness).  It's just that I have to be more selective in my purchases due to a space restriction.  I mostly stick with pink, turquoise/aqua, Friendship, and Primary and we all know how difficult it can be to come across some of those patterns/colors in the wild. 

Well luck was on my side the other day when I came across this little cutie at St. Vincent de Paul

This is the 401 bowl from the Americana Blue set, which I thought I already had but I bought it as a back up just in case. Plus, I was desperate for Pyrex so I couldn't leave it behind.

Well, I was wrong about already having that bowl.  What I really had was the 402 bowl from the set.  This is the one and only piece of Pyrex that I have ever found at our local Value Village.  I picked it up about 2 years ago when I very first started collecting.

Shortly after that Value Village score, I found the 403 to the set at a local antique mall.

A quick scan of my new Pyrex Passion book showed me that although these are numbered with 4's, there are actually only 3 bowls in the set.

Know what that means, Pyrex friends?

Eeeeek!  I have the whole set!  I don't know about you, but these three bowls are the only bowls I have ever seen in the Americana Blue set.  I see the bowls from the brown set from time to time, but never the prettier blue.  I would like to believe that this is a pretty rare set and one of the harder ones to put together.

Yay for me & just in time for the patriotic holiday season!

Have a lovely week,



  1. Those are so cute! I love them and have never seen them! Nice work!

  2. Good score....the colours are divine Erica

  3. Those are gorgeoussss! I just recently found the 402 at a garage sale - hopefully I'm lucky like you & can complete a set, too! :)

  4. I've never seen any of those, not while thrifting and not while antiquing. So glad you have a complete set now, it really is lovely!
    I'm pretty picky about the colors and patterns I buy too which means I don't find many personal keepers either. That's why the booth is so nice to have the booth! ; )

  5. Those are beautiful! I've never seen that set before in person, so I'm sure they're even prettier than the photo. Good score!

  6. Lovely! So jealous of your amazing finds. I've never seen this set either..such pretty colors!

  7. LOVE!
    I have never seen none of those either.

    And... I need to start keeping a notebook. I bought a piece of Butterprint that I didn't have, but, guess I did! (obvs. I think I have all the Butterprint but the damn 404!)

  8. I've never seen this Pyrex set before It' lovely will have to keep my eyes open for some.

  9. I thought there were 4 in Americana blue??