Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Grand Design

I found a piece relatively cheaply on shopgoodwill....
From Pyrex Collective II
I was hoping to find one of these. This is the larger of two Design casseroles. I love the shape, it is different than all the other bowls I have seen.
I am so excited that I did!

Also, cute baby bonus, because little Z HAD to be in the picture. :)
From Pyrex Collective II


  1. I LOVE this piece, I think it is one of my favorites!!! great find

  2. I was going to bid on that one, but I forgot to! Glad it went to such a cute kid. :)

  3. I recently found 2 of this pattern (your size and one smaller) at an antique fair (I'm in Sydney, Australia). It's hard to find different Pyrex here in Australia. I was chuffed to get them for $15 the pair! I had never seen such unusual shaped bowls either, they are very tall. I love the pattern! Good on you for finding one!

    1. $15 for the pair was a great deal!!! The larger one is always my go to bowl when baking!