Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Pyrex Adivce...

My boyfriend and I just bought our first home.  How exciting right?
At first it was, but, as the days pass everytime I'm in my living room my heart sinks a little.
I see all my pyrex and think... my god, that's a lot of packing, bubble wrap and some strong stable steps to get it to the car because, I guarantee, no one will handle those boxes except me.

So, enough rambling... any advice on packing Pyrex? other than with great care?

My BG waiting to be packed.

Also, our new house has a gas stove. Can I use my Pyrex Flameware on a gas stove? I don't want to learn the hard way that I can't.

My flameware.

Thanks for reading and helping!
Wish me luck!
<3 LuluBelle


  1. Of course you can use your Flameware on the gas stove! We use our teapot every day on our gas stove. At our cottage we have a 1940s Pyrex KETTLE (that I've never seen for sale anywhere.) I'm not talking about the teapot or the coffee percolators, this is a Pyrex Kettle and our family has used it on the gas stove(s) since the 1940s. When we're at the cottage, it's used multiple times daily and is a real workhorse.

    I haven't used an electric stove in years - once you've used gas for cooking, electricity is hard to get used to again. Flameware on gas is great.

    Enjoy your Flameware!! And congratulations on your new house!

    1. Thanks! Happy to know that my flameware will still get used. I love using it, and I find it works better than my other non-glass cookware.
      I love gas stoves and I'm super excited and happy to have one again.

  2. We moved last year and my best advice for packing pyrex is a lot of newspaper and bubble wrap, and make sure that the boxes are tightly packed so that nothing moves. Put paper or bubble wrap at the bottom or the top to cushion, wrap each piece individually and cram every nook and cranny in that box to keep them from shifting. Good luck!

  3. get a roll of paper towels and use them for cushioning... when you are unpacking, use them for cleaning!

  4. Also- carry boxes from the bottom and tape up the bottom really well! Congrats on the new house!

  5. You have it down.

    Lots of bubble wrap. I layered the bottom with bubble wrap, wrapped all the bowls & tightly packed the rest with newspaper. Did this for every box. & I didn't let anybody else carry the boxes either. They didn't go into the moving truck - we kept them in the car.

    One thing I wish I had did was NOT buy tape from the dollar store, LOL. Don't cheap out on the tape!

  6. I hope this isn't too late but I use underpads for wrapping. The ones with the heavy absorbent layers work really well. And since they are white batting inside thet don't leave marks, The exterior plastic makes sliding the items together easy. Reuse ideas are very good so they are great for recycling. Oh and I think they are more affordabe than bubble wrap.