Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A good morning...

After not really looking very hard the past while for any Pyrex in stores, I decided to pop into our VV, where there's usually not much in the way of 'great' Pyrex finds - at least for me. Though, maybe my timing's been off.

So, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a lime pie plate, a Candle Glow (I know, not Pyrex, but I still like it) casserole with lid, and a Pyrex Early American gold on brown casserole all in excellent condition.

The lime pie plate is something I've been wanting for some time and I couldn't believe my luck, though it has a few marks on the lip's underside, which luckily do not show. All washed up, the three pieces are looking great.

I quite like the gold on brown Early American pattern, though I know it's not hugely popular. In the fall and winter months it suits the colder seasons.

I'm at the point where I'm selling my Pyrex pieces bought in the past that I'm not crazy about and only accumulating the ones I really like. Like many, I went overboard two or three years ago when I hadn't settled on the items I'd eventually prefer and collect. Now it's time to pass them on to others who'll appreciate them more.

On a humourous note, I had a friend over for coffee last week who's in her late sixties. She took a look at some of the vintage Pyrex I have on display in my kitchen and I asked her what she thought.

"Aren't they beautiful?" I asked, to which she replied, "Yep, I remember those. My mother used to have them."

And that, boys and girls, was the end of our Pyrex conversation...

I guess some people just don't see the beauty in them as we do! ;-)


  1. I completely understand having friends who don't get it! None of my friends "collect" anything. They tend to nod and eyes glaze over when I talk about it. I think deep down they consider me a hoarder however my collection is quiet modest. :) Nice finds by the way. I have the lime green square baking dish and love the vibrant color. Good Pyrex finds in my area are scarce.

  2. Like you, Brenda, my collection is pretty modest, especially now that I'm only collecting what I really like. I guess you either "get" Pyrex or you don't.

  3. I think a lot of people take Pyrex for granted, since we grew up with it and saw it everywhere. My brother recently mailed me some of my mother's old things, and he asked me if I wanted an "ugly old yellow Pyrex refrigerator dish." Yes, I screamed!

    But, as you know, it's not as common as it used to be. I'm starting to collect mixing bowl sets for my kids for when they set up house one day. I miss the days when you could go to the hardware store and buy a brand new, boxed set of Pyrex, in whatever pattern you liked.