Thursday, April 26, 2012

Help me please!

Well, as I mentioned in previous posts I've just bought my first house. It was very exciting (it still is actually) but, I keep looking at the amount of Pyrex I have to pack and I get nervous. I have so much...
So, here's where you come in, I have a ton of pyrex for trade. From Butterprint, to daisy, to autumn harvest to lime green and pink...
Go to my Flickr account to see more (My Flickr)
Please help me get rid of them.
I'd prefer to stay in the GTA so there's no shipping, but, I'd be willing to ship.
I can trade or sell(cost+shipping).



  1. You've got a fabulous selection of vintage kitchenware. What part of the GTA are you in? I'm near Niagara Falls.

  2. Is your Daisy 444 still available? I have a 403 BFG1 for trade or a 444 Golden Scroll. Do you need either of those?

    1. I don't collect Butterfly gold and I actually have some for trade as well. I'd love the golden scroll.

  3. Hi,
    I went to your Flickr page but i cant tell which ones are for trade? i see only 2 bowls listed as "for trade"
    pls advise!

    1. I have a list of "sets" click on the set entitled "for trade"