Sunday, April 1, 2012

Plastic Tray...For Pyrex Ware

So I picked up this plastic tray at the Goodwill the other day...just out of curiosity and lo and behold..on the reverse side it says "For Use with Pyrex Ware".

Not sure I'm digging the Faux Bois with this pretty Pink Daisy (#548 Space Saver Casserole) dish, but it gives you the idea.

The dish is even a little too small, so maybe there was something else that it was designed for. I saw a listing for this tray with an amber colored glass Pyrex maybe that was it.

I'll be popping the tray into my Etsy shop soon (and the dish too, for that matter) but if you have a need for it...let me know. We'll work out a deal! measures 7 1/4 x 14 3/4 inches. The rectangular depression area is 6 x 11.

The Recycleista

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  1. That tray rocks, and I kind of like the faux bois with the pink. It's kitschy.