Friday, May 4, 2012

Some Springy Finds

I know in the last few posts on the Collective II and on my blog, I have complained about the shortage of Pyrex in the thrift stores.  Well, that is still the case but I have been having some great luck at the flea markets, yard sales, and antique malls.
Yippee!  I completed another set.  I found the yellow loaf pan at an antique mall during their Customer Appreciation Day.  I paid a whole 6 bucks for it!

I also got this turquoise 232 utility baker at the same mall.  This cost $8.00 and put me one step closer to putting this whole set together. 

I finally gave up trying to find this Butterprint butter dish out in the wild.  I bought it on eBay for under $10 including shipping. The seller had it listed as "Vintage Aqua Buttercup".  I was searching for anything "Vintage Aqua".  Imagine my surprise when I found this.  I love it when sellers mess up on the names.  I had zero competition on this item.  I was the only bid!

I know some of you think that getting Pyrex off of eBay or etsy is cheating but sometimes a Pyrex girl has gotta do what a Pyrex girl has gotta do :-)

Hope you all have good luck on your Pyrex hunting this weekend!


  1. I think you should buy things on ebay if you want! Don't let other people's rules get in your way. I love the turquoise baker and the stack up top is lovely.

  2. You're lucky to have all those loaf pans, I have one!!

  3. I'm still holding out to find the Butterprint butter dish in the wild!

    ♣ Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  4. I would happily pay $8 for the turquoise baker. Nice finds!

  5. I scored a Butterprint butter dish awhile back. I use it every day. Don't worry...y''ll find one eventually!!

    Ps- i don't think it's cheating to buy online!!