Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let me know if you are interested in any of the items at the link. You can send me an email at willowkatz at gmail dot com, or comment here. Thanks!


  1. What items are you looking for/or how much would you want for the red bowl?

  2. Is that an older primary bowl or the newer nesting bowl set? What would you want for it?

  3. I am open to lots of items, toddler whisperer. Make me an offer, or let me see your trade album! Of course promos are always nice :) but I could go for pinks, yellow daisy cinderella bowls, snowflake blue, horizon blue, designs, friendship, anything christmas, dots, stripes :)

    The primary bowls are pieced together, they are not a set...I believe the blue one is very old. It has a thicker lip and may not have the number printed on the bottom, though it is definitely Pyrex and the small blue from the primary set. It could be a 40's bowl.