Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Delphite Blue

Just wanted to quickly share this Pyrex find!
Haven't found any interesting Pyrex lately, so I just about pounced on this yesterday. It's a Delphite blue Golden Grape small bowl.

It appears that it was part of a chip n dip set...this would have been the dip bowl that went into the bracket above the larger chip bowl.

Just thought I'd share! Coming soon to the Pyrex Pantry! As always, Collective members are welcome to offer trades.

The Recycleista


  1. That bowl is really beautiful! I need more blue Pyrex!

  2. Nice! I'm a new collector (mainly Flameware)and my first trip out today I found a delphite 401 in beautiful condition for $2! I might have to start broadening my collection!

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