Saturday, April 6, 2013

~ Pyrex Butterprint...

I recently came across a new thrift store. Quite by chance. I had a little time to kill waiting to fetch my Daddy from a doctor's appointment.  I actually was headed to Sonic to get a cherry limeade.... when I spotted the store. 

And I was not disappointed in what I saw. Which is rare for me. 

Out of the 8 thrift stores that I tend to visit. Only 2 of them are really worth the time. And both of them are no where near my home. So this was a great surprise for me. This store is near my parents home. So I am near it at least once a week. Woo-hoo! 

New to my Pyrex collection, is the Butterprint refrigerator storage dish. And it needs a good scrubbing.
Yet, the turquoise print is still shiny under that baked stain. And the cost was fair. Since it had its lid... I am all about having the lids. Even if I know I got to scrub them clean. I rather have a dirty lid than no lid at all! :) 

I am so excited to finally have this dish to add to my collection. And I also bought that Corningware roaster too. Which I have more to say about it all here.... ~Farm Girl Pink!

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  1. Hot water, baking soda, elbow grease and patience will get rid of that without any damage. Nice find!