Friday, April 26, 2013

Blue Obsessions

I have been so busy lately with work and school and home life have unfairly kept me from any good pyrex thrifting lately. BUT this past weekend I found some fun things that I wanted to share.

A few weeks ago my dear friend found the small horizon blue oval casserole at a thrift shop. I was going to purchase it from her, but she fell in love with it (which I completely understood)! This weekend I found my own at a massive antique mall! It goes nicely with my larger one, and I do plan on making kitchen curtains out of my spoonflower pattern. Horizon Blue is one of my first loves in Pyrex - that and Primary stuff - and anything Blue! :)

Everything else I will show is from goodwill.

I found an interesting Corning Bowl. From what I found on pyrexlove this is a Corning Hornblower bowl. It is stamped Corning and 1951. It has a lovely shape. Oh and I found an opal rectangular cake pan, but can't tell if it is just DWD so that whatever was on it is gone or not. I don't really see anything on any sites about it. AND I found a lovely Blue Garland round casserole and this might be the beginning of a new obsession - or just a continuation of my blue pyrex obsession.

And then I have two items I have found recently at Goodwill. A Royal Wheat Divided dish, which is so cheerful. I need to find a good use for it. And I found the Brittany Blue Tart Dish at Goodwill too. I am not a huge fan of the look - it reminds me of my mother's (and probably lots of people's mothers) early 90's country blue obsession. Or maybe that it is trying too hard to be pretty or french with the Brittany name. Nonetheless - I can totally see using the size of the pan for breakfast quiches, etc, so I can get past the look. And lastly, I found the large homestead casserole. I think the size is so great for large meals, and although homestead is not my favorite, I don't dislike it like. I wish I had the big lid. Perhaps another day at goodwill. :)

Phew! Sorry to write so much at once! I just wanted to make sure these lovelies were given their due.

Good luck in the coming Garage Sale season!


  1. I haven't found much Horizon Blue, but it really is a lovely pattern! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. what a fun's my first time visiting..and I am now a follower. I do love Pyrex.....I'll be back...
    Love, Mona

  3. i love that first blue one. its awesome!

  4. Love the Horizon Blue! Looks like you have had another successful treasure hunt! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Gah, one of the things I regret most is leaving a whole set of Horizon casseroles behind at a thrift. Silly me, I didn't "collect" that pattern so I didn't buy them . Wish I had, would've been an instant collection.