Friday, March 8, 2013

So Dang Pretty!

Every so often, I will do a search on eBay for "Vintage Pink".  I like to see what kind of beautiful things show up in my favorite vintage color.  First I check the "Ending Soonest" items and then I check the "Newly Listed" items. 

Sometimes I get lucky.  Not often, but it does happen.  This time, luck was definitely on my side.

I know that Pink Butterprint isn't totally rare and one or two pieces can usually be found on eBay at any given time.  But never at the price I got these at or with free shipping.  I got both of these with the lids for what half of what you would normally pay for one piece!  They had only been listed for 40 minutes when I found them.  It must have been my lucky day!

Now thanks to these two beauties and the piece that my wonderful Sister gave me for Christmas, I have 3 pieces of the elusive Pink Butterprint!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!



  1. 3?? Yes, that's 3 more than most Pyrex collectors have!
    Great Job on grabbing them when you could!
    Hope you gals have big flea market or estate sale plans this weekend! Good Luck!
    Erica :)

  2. Replies
    1. $75.00 with free shipping. Do you think I got a good deal?

  3. Gorgeous!! I collect pink Gooseberry but would totally collect these if they weren't so hard to find

    75 is an AMAZING deal

  4. Ok, I think that you are one of the luckiest Pyrex collectors out there! That is a great price on those two, I've watched them go for twice that on Ebay.