Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Please Help Me Identify

Hello Everyone!  I picked up this lid that fits the 024 and I've never seen it before.  Do you know what casserole it goes to?  I'm not usually big on the gold, but this lid is really pretty and I couldn't find it anywhere (Ebay, Pyrex Love, etc.)  Any information would be great, it is obviously a promotional piece, but which one?  I apologize for the poor quality photos, it is a dark and stormy night here on the Oregon coast and this is as good as it gets.

Thanks for the Help!
Pyrex Thrifter Sister Hanna


  1. Im no help but that one is pretty! I wonder what dish it belongs to

  2. you could sift through these vintage ads and see if you see it:

    is there a number on it?

    1. I've looked through the ads and searched the numbers and come back with nothing! I've been looking through Flickr photos to see if something comes up.

    2. FYI the numbers are:
      684C which I think all the lids this size have, and then:
      B-31 which I'm guessing is the code specific to the lid

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  4. I think I've seen this before but I have no idea where or any details on it. It's cute though! I love that size.

  5. The lid itself is pretty common, but the decoration makes it special. It should have gone on a plain white opal 024. It won't be easy to replace the casserole, but it looks nice on your Lime 024.

  6. Oouuh - that's a different one. I think it's very pretty. Sorry I can't help with its identification.


    the patterned lid belongs to an opal utility bowl and not the green. scroll half way down the reference to where they talk about gold patterned lids. i have one too but its very different from yours. i also have an opal utility bowl with its matching lid both with a gold band!

    1. Thanks for the information! I will have to pick up an opal 024, but until then it is gonna hang out on the green.

  8. if ya have a snowflake garland 402 ...i could trade you the opal 024! :)

  9. I picked up an opal casserole with this same lid with the carrier at an estate sale last spring. I have not found any info on it and your post is the first time I have seen a picture of it!