Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pyrex hunting

So today after lunch with the bf'a grandma we hit some stores in New Westminster I didn't find any really good deals but I did stumble across a store that had a lot of Delphite pieces! In the same store they had a partial set of the crazy daisy Cinderella bowls for $45!! Good grief that's ridiculous for a pattern you see all the time around here!! Today wasn't a success in terms of purchases but it was nice to get out and walk around even it was as cold as it was beautiful!!


  1. Nice! I love to see Delphite in huge quantities.

    I'm so proud it was made in Canada. :)

    Too bad for the crazy daisy

  2. If the price of the Crazy Daisy is an indication, I'm afraid to ask what the Delphites were going for!

  3. Crazy Daisy?

    Spring Blossom Green, right?

    Anyways, the last delphite 502 with lid I saw was $69. NO THX!

  4. The cheapest piece of Delphite I saw was $15 and it looked like hell!! The most expensive piece was $45 for the small pitcher on the top shelf! Out of my price range!

  5. The one antique store that I frequent has a full set of daisy cinderellas for $75. Is anyone surprised that they've been sitting there for 2 years?