Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pyrex for Christmas!

I've finally gotten around to sharing the pieces I got for Christmas!

I mainly collect turquoise pieces, specifically Butterprint, but have recently began to collect Pink Gooseberry as well since it looks so darn gorgeous when displayed with Butterprint. The lid is for my Blue Scroll bowl, which until now was hanging out with a much older version of that lid size I found at a thrift store. They are all in excellent condition and I was thrilled to receive each and every one of them! I've already found excuses to use almost all of them, naturally.

{For more details and individual and larger pictures, click here.}


  1. I mainly collect pink and turquoise too. They look amazing together, don't they?

    Love all your gifts. You lucked out for sure.


  2. Love that butterprint butter dish ❤

  3. You got great gifts. Keeping my fingers crossed to see a Bluebird around here some day soon!

  4. its great that poeple look for specific ones. haha i don't i just find whats the right price and in great condition. though i only have one piece total.