Monday, September 10, 2012

Turquoise Surprise!

Today my little family headed out to Walmart to return something, and what was supposed to be a dull, short errand turned into one of my favorite Pyrex scores yet!

My husband was driving, and there are two Walmarts about equal distance from our house.
He also knows there is a Goodwill on the way to each of them. 
He also knows I will beg him to stop whenever we pass one.
So, he headed toward the Walmart with the Goodwill that is my least favorite Goodwill in Denver, probably hoping I wouldn't ask him to stop since I have never found good Pyrex there since it's grand opening a year ago. That is...

Until today...oh yes, I still made him stop. 
{He insisted on stopping after Walmart, however, but that probably worked in my favor as you'll find out.}
Turquoise Pyrex 
Still in the bins, fresh out from the back, waiting to be shelved {I always check the bins first, and I've scored some fantastic pieces there} were these three turquoise mixing bowls! 
Sure, the 403 is missing, I'll have to hunt that guy down to complete this set.

So guess what they had this set of three priced at?
Pyrex Turquoise 404, 402, $ 401 
For all three. 
Gougewill Goodwill pricing Pyrex at less than an arm and a leg?
I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't throw gently set them in my cart and run to the registers fast enough. {Okay, well maybe I checked the shelves first, then ran.}
Shiny Turquoise 401
They needed a little clean up, but they're nice and shiny. 
Great find today, I think!

Cheers & Happy Hunting,
Heather @ Lark & Lola


  1. Holy crap how cool is that?! I love that feeling when you find something so great and wonderful, and then practically skip to the register! Oh, and woohoo Colorado. You are my neighbor to the North!

    1. Hey neighbor! Every once in a while I think about heading down to the Springs and thrifting--but maybe I should stay out of your territory ;-)

  2. So lucky! So cheap! So pretty!

    Glad they didn't hock those on GW auctions. They try to sell some that are in nasty condition.

    1. I've seen that! They are crazy for some of the things they sell on there...

  3. Oh wow. I'm so happy for you. That's an amazing score!

  4. Those are fabulous!!!! I had decided that I was not going to stop at my goodwill on the way home today.... but I think that just changed my mind. lol


  5. That just might be your new favorite store!! That's a steal....

  6. Incredible find! I think it's right up there with Jill's pink fridgie score! My Goodwill's have been really well priced lately. Hopefully it is a new trend:-)


  7. So pretty! Last time I was in Denver the Goodwill I stopped at had the same set - but wayyyy scratched and $28.00 for 3. I had to pass! Glad you scored some sweet ones, though!

  8. congrats on the amazing find - it is always nice to hear that sometimes we are still finding cheap pyrex at a goodwill! love the first shot, it is the perfect pyrex pic!

  9. Yay!!! So glad you found that "set." The 403 will show up in no time! I'm on the hunt for you.