Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red Hostess double duty!

I don't know about you all but pyrex has been hard to find in patterns I want and at prices I want to pay! I haven't found a reasonably priced piece in the wild in some time! It's sort of depressing! I was at the Vancouver Flea market and there was a lady selling some pyrex, she had the turquoise scroll bowl but she wanted $35 and wouldn't accept my offer of $25 so I guess it wasn't meant to be! And this is my point I'm so desperate for pyrex I'm willing to over pay! Hopefully things pick up soon!
I took some inspiration from the thrifter sisters and took some of my vintage ornaments and put them in my red hostess and set it on my mantle!
Here's hoping everyone is having better luck than me!


  1. Gah - I haven't been able to find any good affordable pyrex lately either! It's oh so sad. But on the bright side, your red hostess full of beautiful ornaments is simply precious! :)

  2. Thanks :) I keep hoping that this drought means I'm in for a big score! That's how it works right?

  3. I think Pyrex collectors must be patient - at least this one does, cause I can't justify paying some the crazy prices that are out there. I think it makes it that much sweeter when you finally find something you had to pass up earlier.
    I have a Turquoise Scroll and did not pay near that amount, so hang on, they're out there. And it's worth it - it's beautiful!